How To Use Current Events To Boost Your Blog

Blogging tools continue to become considerably more powerful. Twitter is easily the most up to the minute publishing program. Most niche markets can be related to news stories with a little imagination. When done right, posting about a hot news story can improve your targeted readership greatly. Innovative technologies allow you to find breaking stories quickly.

Google ranks hot news items on page 1, and this is what you want to make the most of. You have stiff opposition from the massive media web sites. One efficient way to beat them would be to tag your news post for being an 'Update" and optimize for your specific keyword phrase. I have personally seen ordinary blogs listed in a separate window, down the middle of the first page, under the heading of updates. With practice you'll get better at understanding what works best for this method.

To keep up with breaking news you should use a variety of technologies. At times television news still shows "breaking stories" which you can post about. When you find a breaking story you ought to get your post on the web. This strategy exclusively works with live, breaking stories. A great system for monitoring trends and the latest news is Twitter. Around the world, users "tweet" about major events that are occurring in their countries.

By the time you learn about something on Google Alerts the news has already broken. You should not be getting "alerts" about other people's blog posts because this means they've already beat you to it. Whether your blog can take advantage of breaking news stories is something you will have to research personally. For stories that have a longer life span, Google trends is an excellent resource. As an example, you can blog with regards to a news item you are aware your market wants to hear and still receive easy search engine rankings for your blog post.

One supplemental approach is to open your own Twitter account so that you can Tweet about your story immediately after it is on your blog. This could also bring fresh readers to your post because Google sometimes shows Tweets on page 1 search results. Whether or not that happens is difficult to predict, but it is worth doing because it could happen. Nonetheless, you will gain exposure for your blog by mixing the power of timely blog posts and utilizing Twitter to drive visitors to your blog.

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